Hang  ‘Em High Feeders are simply the best feeder we have put on our ranch over the last 15 years. I have 8 in place and they are built the way a feeder should be built and made to last. Accept NO look alikes they absolutely are NOT the same.


Sabinal, Texas

Simply the best feeder I have ever used.  Built to last forever.

Joe E.

Llano, Texas

I love Hangem High Feeders. We replaced every corn feeder on the ranch with them. As far as a winch up feeder goes they are the best, in my opinion.

Brandon S.

Boerne, Texas

I bought 2 last year complete with “The Timer” setup, solar panels & eliminator spinner plate for about $1300 out the door. In my opinion they are the sturdiest feeders I’ve ever had experience with…I’m thinking about buying one more for my property.

Jon B.

San Antonio, Texas